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My son is wanting to learn to make games like Daddy so in about 5 minutes he and I came up with Rolly Ball. You're a red smiley face that moves around collecting hour glasses for points. Again, designed by a 3 1/2 year old. I helped him put it together to help start teaching him about how to make games.

I might update it later so that the Rolly actaully, you know, rolls, and maybe add some background music to it but this is about it. It entertains him which is good enough for me. Maybe it'll keep your kiddo happy for a little while too.

DISCLAIMER: aside from what my kid (probably) didn't learn while making this, there's NO educational value in this game, it's purely a distraction/time waster.

CONTROLS: arrow keys to move, esc to quit, f5 to restart the game. you can also find these in the top bar of the game screen.


Rolly Ball.exe 2 MB

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